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Trav'Loom mini frame loom


Image of Trav'Loom mini frame loom

I designed this frame loom to be so easy to use, it's like a sketch pad for weaving! Weaving is really satisfying, but can seem like a big commitment! I've been working for many years on developing weaving tools that reduce frustration to a minimum while allowing maximum self-expression and enjoyment. This funky lil frame loom is the current expression of this, my life project. It's a loom you can set up in less time than it takes to make an embarrassingly long internet video! And though the weaving space is limited to 5 by 9 inches, you can fit a lot in that space, I'll show you how, by making 100 awesome funky lil weavings, (if you want an original artwork you can order one) and I'll videotape the techniques involved. So if you just want a lil loom to start from scratch yourself, you can order this! Kit comes with Frame, Stand, Wiggle Heddle Unit, Comb, Shuttle and Needle.
Instructional Video here: https://vimeo.com/209458164